Feb 13 2008


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Bilik Gerakan Puteri UMNO Bahagian Johor Bahru
No. 16, Jalan Suria 19, Taman Putera, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.
No. Tel : 07 – 3334578

Kami akan membantu anda sekiranya ada aduan, pandangan dan komen.
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  1. SIVAon 01 Jun 2008 at 10:45 am

    I am a malaysian and I work in Singapore, drive a Singapore registered car but live in JB.

    The Singaporeans were shell shocked on the first day of the news on the fuel ban. It was an expected reaction for such a drastic measure by the Malaysian Govt. But a few days went by and they all started smiling again with their usual sarcastic retorts on the Malaysian Govt ever flip-flop policy. From Monday the 2nd of June the date was then postponed to the 9th of June and now the ban is only for cars and not bikes.

    And the Govt missed it during the parliment session to discuss this issue.

    I strongly urge the Malaysian govt for once please have some dignity of being straight,cut and right. No on gets subsidy in fuel or food in Singapore. And they pay tax on these commodities too. The tax money is then used to subsidise other sectors such as medical treatments.

    The initial ban must go ON and for all foreign registered vehicles,bikes inclusive.There are a lot of SuperBikes in and out of Singapore. The fact that Singapore Govt implements the 3/4 tank policy is not to be taken as serious factor since they hardly check the indications. Once in a “blue moon” that is when a new trainee Security in under training, the he/she may ask one to wind down the window. Most of them leave with at least 1/2 tank and many also tweak their fuel quantity indication with a special switch. I am sure the Singapore securities know these too but just can’t help it.

    Currently for every litre of petrol pumped IN by the foreign registered vehicles, the Malaysian Govt has to bear RM 1.00. Whilst in Singapore its full price plus tax without mercy. And where do the Singaporeans go for medical treatment? In their own country of course since they get the subsidy as a citizen/PR.

    Malaysian Govt should eventually sell fuel to foreign registered vehicles at not only unsubsidised rate but with tax too. The tax money collected from foreign vehicles can then be channeled to ease the burdens off Malaysians.

    Singapore Govt has recently said a BIG “NO” to any form of food subsidy for its people and they are proud of their S$300 bilion reserves. Malaysian Govt is being very humane to continue helping its own people with all form of subsidy. Hard to find such a country in this world politics besides.

    To the Malaysian Govt, have NO FEAR. It is not sort of a revenge or something, just do what is right. Obviously the local business people and petrol kiosks will reject the ban since they have to ensure their own pockets are full- darned care about the general Malaysians.

    I will be experiencing the ban or the extra fuel price to pay. How stupid of me for such a suggestion right?……I would rather pay and contribute towards the Nation building in Malaysia then fill the tanks in Singapore.And of course the unsubsidised fuel plus tax should be implemented all over malaysia.There are plenty of Malaysian cars crossing the borders despite Singapore being very expensive. For Singaporeans who are genuine about getting into malaysia, life is as usual. In fact Malaysians working in Singapore earn Sing dollars ma!With such a ban/pricing, the number of cars across the border would drop and many would then simply prefer public transport and that would be me included.

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